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Common Mistakes That Put Your Roof at Risk

No one wants to have to deal with unnecessary roof repairs or replacement, but there are many mistakes that can harm your roof.

Your roof is arguably the most important structure in (or rather on) your home, and you depend on your roof each and every day to keep you safe and protected from the elements. Although roof repairs and replacements are sometimes necessary, no homeowner wants to have to take advantage of either of those services more often than necessary, but unfortunately, some homeowners make mistakes that put their roofs at risk. The following is a list from our roofing experts in Edmonton of the most common mistakes homeowners make that put their roofs at risk:

Mistake #1. Walking on your roof.

Regular roof inspections are essential for so many reasons. They help you monitor your roof closely so that you can get the repairs you need promptly, reducing the risk of excessive damage or overly priced repairs. Although inspections are important, you shouldn’t perform them yourself, and if you do decide to do your own inspection, do it from the ground. Professionals know how to walk on a roof safely to avoid damage, but an inexperienced homeowner can cause a lot of damage. Walking on your roof is also dangerous, as roofs can be incredibly slippery. Stay safe and protect your roof by letting the professionals handle it.

Mistake #2. Neglecting your gutters.

Since gutters are largely out of sight, to many homeowners, they are also out of mind, which means that those gutters are not being cleaned or maintained properly. When gutters get clogged with debris, like twigs, leaves and even animal droppings, it prevents the rain and melted ice and snow from leaving your roof, and that puts you at risk for roof leaks. Gutter cleaning is a simple task that can help you avoid a major headache down the road.

Mistake #3. Decorating your roof the wrong way.

Roof decorations are popular for many holidays, but the most popular occasions for homeowners to decorate their roofs are Christmas and Halloween. As we mentioned earlier, walking on your roof is a bad idea as it is, but that’s not the only reason why roof decorations can be bad for your roof. Many homeowners will nail or staple lights into the shingles themselves, which can lead to tearing. Also, heavy decorations can put excess pressure on your roof as well. You’d be much better off hanging lights with clips on the gutters, or better yet, just put decorations in your yard!

Mistake #4. Pulling up shingles to check for leaks.

While it’s a good idea to check your roof regularly for roof leaks, pulling up shingles is not an ideal method for homeowners. Pulling up a shingle could actually cause a leak to form where no leaks existed previously. In a previous blog, we went over a few steps that you can take to check for leaks in your roof, none of which involve getting up on the roof yourself and pulling back shingles.

Mistake #5. Using cleaning solutions that aren’t safe for roofs.

Roof cleaning can be beneficial, but it’s all too easy to get it wrong, which is why it’s a good idea to leave it up to the professionals. Some homeowners have tried to clean their roofs with bleach and other solutions that aren’t safe for roofs. Not only can bleach ruin your shingles, but it can also be harmful to the pets and humans that are exposed to the fumes it creates, and bleach can also damage your trees, grass and other plant life.

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